Director of Dispensary Sales

Job Title:
Director of Dispensary Sales

About Stillwater Brands:
Stillwater Brands produces some of Colorado's leading THC- and CBD-infused edibles brands, including Ripple Dissolvables, Stillwater Gummy Supplements, and Stillwater Teas & Coffees. Stillwater Brands is part of Stillwater (, which encompasses three distinct business lines: (1) direct-to-consumer sales of THC-infused edibles in Colorado; (2) business-to-business sales of soluble hemp-derived CBD ingredients to food, beverage, and cosmetic manufacturers; and (3) direct-to-consumer sales of hemp-derived CBD-infused products nationwide

The company was founded in 2014 when our CEO’s grandmother asked him to get her a pot brownie. Realizing that grandma cared more about feeling better than getting stoned, our founders set out to develop functional cannabinoid-infused food and beverage products that alleviated the aches and anxieties of everyday life without tipping people into unwanted intoxication or forcing them to self-identify as “drug users.”

About the Job:
We are looking for a Director of Dispensary Sales to help us build and maintain profitable lasting relationships with our Colorado retail dispensary partners

As our Director of Dispensary Sales, you’ll build and manage a team of direct sales representatives.  You and your team will identify new prospects and current areas of growth potential. While your primary aim is to grow sales, we will expect you to contribute directly to sales process improvements, which will help us grow our business. This is a fast-paced role that requires the highest level of work ethic, quick-on-your-feet out-of-the-box thinking, a collaborative mentality, and a passion for job spec cliches. You must be comfortable operating strategically under uncertainty, as we face a constantly changing regulatory landscape that presents both our biggest obstacle and greatest opportunity.

What you’ll be responsible for:
• Managing relationships with our top clients and key chain accounts
• Overseeing a sales team that maintains CRM records for leads and opportunities while following up diligently to move sales through the pipeline
• Coaching and developing a team of sales representatives to exceed customer expectations
• Establishing sales objectives by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for regions and territories; projecting expected sales volume and profit for existing and new products
• Defining and executing appropriate sales strategies; business development, marketing, technical, ad operations and sales support programs to maximize sales and profitability.
• Understanding the competitive landscape and market trends
• Understanding and effectively communicating the company's value prop, tech, process and current partnerships
• Working with Marketing team on implementing / creating effective customer-facing marketing strategies; analyzing trends and results
• Following the defined sales process while contributing to process evolutions and improvements
• Traveling to manage and improve customer relationships and sales

What we’ll love about you:
• A team player who is willing and happy to help
• An organized, proactive nature that loves building systems and tools
• Possess a highly professional demeanor while being reliable, dependable and having a strong attention to detail
• Have an understanding and passion for the THC / recreational edible market and its various health & wellness applications
• A process-oriented problem solver who can manage complex situations without panicking
• Strong written and verbal communication
• An emotionally mature adult capable of working with other emotionally mature adults
• Ability to prepare reports and use of appropriate mode of communication. Must be proficient at analyzing data, building reporting and making strategic recommendations based on data and trends

What you’ll love about us:

• We are a company, not a cult. We expect you to put in a good day’s work and then go home to your family. • • Fire drills are the exception, not the norm.
• We are a team of competent, motivated, diverse, and decent adults.
• We offer competitive compensation, 100% paid health benefits, and a fun, relaxed office environment.
• We take the responsibility to make sure you are excited, happy, and find fulfillment in your work very seriously.
• We are a workplace of adults who value reasoned debate over political maneuvering. We try to do the right thing and, more importantly, we try to identify and admit when we don’t as quickly as possible.
• We offer flexible PTO for all full-time employees. This includes vacation, sick days, and wellness days because we understand the value of health, relaxation, and spending time with friends and family.
For more details on the culture we foster, visit:

• Bachelor’s degree in business, marketing or a related field
• 5+ years of experience in managing sales operations at a fast-growing company
• Experience building sales operations from the ground up
• Advanced skills in working with CRM systems and the suite of Google products
• Management-level sales modeling, planning, and analysis skills
• Entrepreneurial, adaptive, and collaborative

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