Soaking Up Summer

Summer is almost over (HOW?!) and we’re doing everything we can to soak up the sun and warmth before fall comes. Here’s how we’re living it up before summer ends.

Go For a Bike Ride

Whether it’s a ride through the neighborhood, to your local park, or headed into the foothills, adding a dash of Ripple to your water is sure to make your ride more enjoyable and help you soak up some sun on the move.


Take a Hike

One of our favorite ways to enjoy summer and get a great tan is heading out into nature for a nice hike. It’s even better with a Ripple or two in our Camelbaks.


Set Up Camp

Even better than hiking, go camping for the ultimate Ripple-infused last summer adventure before the snow comes.


Just Breathe

Take some time for yourself and find your zen with your favorite Ripple.

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