Cupid's Gift Guide


Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and while it will be filled with chocolates and Hallmark cards, we think you should spice things up with some of our infused products. Here are our picks for V-Day gifts:


For the Coffee Lover:

Some people need it, other people just love it. If you’re looking for a gift for that friend who you know loves their coffee, then look no further, because we got you covered. Have them try out our Stillwater Clockwork Coffee, and they’ll be in a whole new love affair.

For the Rom-Com Movie Binger:

Movie marathons are always awesome with rom-coms, but they’re even better with Ripple. Try out some Ripple Balanced in your drink or sprinkled over your popcorn during your next binge.


For the New Love:

Not sure what their vibes are, but you know they’re curious about those edibles. Have them try out our delicious infused gummies, and they’ll be swooning.

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