Be Well, Feel Better

2019 Stillwater Staff Wellness Picks

2019 is here, and guess what, so is the year of wellness. To celebrate putting our happiest and healthiest selves forward, we asked some of our staff to tell us how they like to incorporate wellness into their daily lives.


Favorite Snowshoe Hike:

Saint Vrain in Estes Park

Once a month, our team likes to get together to go hiking – or now that it’s snowing, snowshoeing! We loved our December hike in Estes Park. We snowshoed (and a few of us uphill skied) the first 2.5 miles, which brought us to 5 miles roundtrip. If you’re adventurous, give this hike a try or challenge yourself with some snowshoes or skins and skis! The trail is an out-and-back with a total of 8.2 miles and offers beautiful views of the surrounding area!

If you’re looking to try out a new hike or St. Vrain, check out All Trailshere, for more information.

Favorite Place to Ski: Winter Park

winter park.jpg

Winter is here, and the mountains are looking delightfully snowy. We asked our resident badass skiing expert, Shuang, where her favorite place is to ski (besides the backcountry, of course). She recommends Winter Park for its varied terrain and accessibility off I-70 (huge plus for us working adults looking to hit the pow after work). Shuang’s a big fan of the Mary Jane side of Winter Park, which is notorious for its bump and tree skiing, but fear not, Winter Park is sure to have something for everyone!

Favorite Indoor Workout: Rush Cycle Studio


There’s no doubt the gym is going to be packed this year, so we asked our Events Manager, Nikki, how she likes to get in that workout and stay happy and healthy. Nikki is a huge Rush Cycle fan because it’s fast paced and fun, but still kicks your butt into high gear. Check out Rush Cycle’s website here – they have some great deals and it’s sure to start your year off right.

Favorite Way to De-stress: Practicing Vinyasa Yoga


Finding a work/life balance can be stressful and it can be hard to get back into the right mindset after being away for the holidays. To help manage her stress while feeling physically good, Annie, our Junior Designer, swears by practicing Vinyasa Yoga at her local studio. But fear not, you don’t need a pass to practice yoga (unless that’s your thing). If you’re looking to dust off your mat and flow, YouTube offers an abundance of online classes anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour long! So take a deep breath and let go.

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