Stillwater Holiday Gift Guide


From stocking stuffers to Secret Santa presents, we’ve got the best gifts for your friends and family this holiday season.


For the Skier = Ripple Pure 10

We all have that friend who likes to hit the slopes a little too hard. Give them an apres ski for the win with some Ripple Pure 10 in their hot cocoa and they’ll love you forever.

For the Yogi = Ripple Balanced 5

Staying balanced in life is easier for our yogi friends; they practically live and breathe namaste. This holiday season, give them a bit of extra om with our Ripple Balanced 5.

For Everyone = Ripple Relief 20:1

We all feel stressed around the holiday season. Ease the tension with Ripple Relief 20:1 in your choice of holiday beverage. Eggnog? Hot chocolate? Peppermint latte?


For the Adventurer = Blood Orange Gummy

Hiking is great and all, but you know what’s better? Hiking with our new and improved Stillwater Blood Orange Gummy Supplements. Give these to your favorite adventure buddy for the perfect on-trail micro-dose.

For the Creative = Green Tea Mango Gummy

Creativity needs a source of fuel, and we have the perfect product to get those ideas flowing. Gift your artistic pals a hint of genius with our Stillwater Green Tea Mango Gummy Supplements.

For the New Parents = Honey Lavender Gummy

They’ve  got a new kiddo and they’re ready to take over the world on approximately 3 hours of sleep. If you know them, then you know they probably need a break, so give your fav new parentals our Stillwater Honey Lavender Gummy Supplements to help them take a breather while their baby sleeps for an hour.


For the ‘Rents = Stillwater Green Tea

If your parents are anything like ours, then you know that green tea is the best way for them to start their day. Give ‘em a boost of calming energy with our high-CBD infused Stillwater Green Tea.

For Your Elders = Stillwater Mint Tea

Afternoons at your grandparents’ house spent flipping through old photos albums and eating butterscotch candies could use a revamp. Help your favorite elders cozy up and relax with our Stillwater Mint Tea.

For the Doer = Stillwater Clockwork Coffee

We all have those friends who like to get up early and kick ass, the people who attack their days with fervor and don’t stop until it’s bedtime. So help ‘em out by kick starting their days with our infused Stillwater Clockwork Coffee.

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